Why Advertising on Facebook is So Effective

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With individuals across the globe checking their Facebook timelines all day long, it should come as no surprise that 2 million small- to medium-sized businesses are advertising on Facebook. Everyone from your grandparents to your grandchildren is on Facebook, so any company or brand would be foolish to ignore the possibilities that exist within this platform.

Beyond the scope of the people you can potentially reach, what makes Facebook advertising so effective?

  1. Facebook allows you to A/B test your ads. Which text was more effective for young adults? Did one picture compel older users to click on the ad than another? The split ad testing tool in the Facebook Power Editor allows advertisers to duplicate an ad set and edit the target audience. This tool makes it easy for you to see a comparison of how your ads are performing for different groups of users.
  1. Facebook ads offer flexibility. These advertisements give creatives a lot of different variations that they can play with. In comparison, Google Adwords only allows you to include text, and you have to keep the content to a certain length. The flexibility of Facebook ads allows advertisers to provide longer descriptions and compelling images.
  1. Multiple views are possible on Facebook. The reality is that the vast majority of Facebook users check their profile more than once during the course of the day. As a result, your ad has the potential to be seen multiple times by the same individuals that you are targeting. This is a strong benefit for advertisers, as ads are more likely to be noticed or successful if a user sees it several times.
  1. Facebook offers video advertising. When done right, video ads are catchy and influential. Now that advertisers can promote videos on Facebook, there is an added bonus available that does not exist with traditional television ads. Our television screens do not know anything about who is watching. On the other hand, Facebook knows what its users like and dislike, where they live, how old they are, etc. Targeted video advertising on Facebook has the potential to reach users in a whole new way.

Facebook is a powerful platform, so you owe it to yourself and your brand to at least be aware of its advertising potential. For more information on how to utlizie for your business, contact the team of social media consultants at StoneFish today!


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