Google Ad’s (PPC)

At Stonefish LLC, we are firm believers in the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, because this is the one form of advertising that allows you to set up a campaign and only pay when you see results.

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

A PPC advertising campaign allows you to target specific keywords that appeal to your target demographic. You get to set the budget, can determine how much you want to invest and will be able to make changes whenever your research warrants it.

PPC Advertising allows you to effectively “buy” top search engine spots. These ads are displayed before the organic results on Google. With a carefully targeted campaign, you can improve your visibility and help your customers find you more effectively.

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As second, and perhaps more valuable, benefit of PPC advertising is the nearly unlimited amount of data you receive. Stonefish LLC will track everything from ecommerce referral to ad effectiveness as we test, tweak and perfect your advertising campaigns. At Stonefish LLC, we love analytics, and we will use them to your best advantage, giving you greater return for your investment of time and money.

Maximizing Your PPC Results

Joe Restivo and the team at Stonefish LLC will partner with you to create effective PPC campaigns by:
  • Performing in depth keyword research.

  • Crafting effective ad copy.

  • Managing campaigns to cut keywords that aren’t working and promote those that are.

  • Analyze results to maximize your effectiveness.

  • Customize your marketing strategy to include improved client interaction and engagement.

Pay-per-click advertising remains one of the most effective ways to control your marketing efforts and drive targeted traffic to your site. Let StoneFish LLC show you just how effect your PCC campaigns can be.