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September 1, 2020
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November 18, 2020

Facebook has proven to be one of the best platforms to market your business and advertise your products and services. 67% of social advertisers consider Facebook to be the most efficient and effective social media platform they use.

The vast amount of different advertising and marketing options provided on Facebook’s platform is incredible. The social media giant now offers advertising through stories, live video streams (Facebook live), chatbots, canvases and many other traditional internet advertisements. The question is no longer “Is Facebook a good place to advertise my business,” rather “How can I make the most out of advertising on Facebook?”

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, has done a great job growing and expanding the platform. With this growth comes great change. Since 2004, the site has changed drastically and continues to change to this day. In order to advertise successfully on the site, it is of great importance to be aware of the trends and changes occurring on Facebook. Since Facebook can lead to such great success for your business, we have decided to compile the top advertising trends on the site that you and your company should be aware of.


Much like Siri and Alexa, Facebook has been working on a voice assistant feature and its name is Aloha. This feature has not been launched yet, but marketers are aware of the potential effect it could have on advertising on Facebook. It is rumored that Aloha is a more personable and social form of Siri and Alexa. Stay on the lookout for this new feature, we believe it may arrive soon.


You may have heard of “Stories” from social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, but Facebook has now taken over this new social media trend. There are over 500 million users a day that post or checkout new stories. Facebook stories are viewed as the new newsfeed and are a great way to convey your messages. These stories last for 24 hours and can be viewed for 5 seconds (Picture) and 20 seconds (Video). On top of pictures and videos, Facebook story ads can either be mobile-shot or studio-shot. Mobile-shot stories are very creative, organic and normally include photos taken on a phone. Studio-shot stories are professionally done and more traditional.

New Creative Tools

To help users create more eye-popping and creative advertisements, Facebook now offers many different editing tools and applications. These tools and applications include Unfold, Mojo, Adobe Spark Post tool, Legend, Ripl and many more. These tools are a great way to find new ideas and try out different advertising strategies on Facebook.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows for you and your company to advertise through live video. These videos are enabled for all users of the platform and are free of charge. To put Facebook Lives’ effectiveness into numbers, over 100 million live videos are watched each day by users and these videos receive 178% higher engagement then the average post. Facebook Live is a feature that every company big or small should take advantage of to promote their brand.

Video Advertisements

Whether your videos are posted in your companies’ story, newsfeed or elsewhere, video advertisements are great content. Surprisingly, many individuals do not listen to these videos, so it is important to generate captions. Today’s videos allow for maximum engagement from your target audience by including polls and hidden deals within the video. Just over 8 billion videos are viewed on Facebook every day. Maybe it is time that your video starts attracting new customers?

Customizing your Page

While customization of your Facebook page may not be a super new feature, it is a great way to show potential customers what your company is all about. There are a few different ways to customize your page. Two of these ways are changing your template and design of the page and adding, rearranging, or deleting additional tabs. You can also customize your page to enable direct selling from the platform. This feature greatly benefits retailers and startup businesses.

Ad Prices are on the Rise

Facebook ads have remained affordable for a long time, but the recent spike in popularity has sent prices rising. With this increase in advertisement prices it is important to ask yourself, “Are these ads worth the money?” If you are advertising correctly and putting time into your ads, the answer is yes. The opportunities that Facebook advertising and marketing offers is well worth the money and should be taken advantage of at all costs.

Need Help?

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