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Although Facebook is still a prominent player in social media, some of the trends will begin to shift as we enter 2020. As the behemoth continues to grow monthly active users (MAUs), one thing is for sure, Facebook is going to be around for a very long time.

How many people still use Facebook?

As of the 3rd quarter in 2019, Facebook had a total of 247 million monthly active users just in the USA and Canada. With a total of about 365 million residents in the USA and Canada combined, that’s about 2 out of every three citizens use Facebook regularly.

Keep in mind; this represents ALL citizens — including babies who have yet to post their first selfie!


How are people using Facebook?

Now that we can agree that most people still use Facebook on the regular let’s dive into how people are using Facebook and how some of this will affect Facebook marketing trends in 2020. Here at Stonefish LLC, we firmly believe that understanding how users interact on Facebook can help us better market ourselves and our clients in 2020.

Facebook Groups Are Dominating Timelines

If you’re not in a Facebook Group, you’re probably living under a rock. But that’s okay! It’s not too late to see what they’re all about and see why you should be in several of them!

Facebook Groups are designed to link people with similar interests together in an incredibly simple way. A lot of groups are private and require you to submit answers to pre-selected questions the administrators have assigned to the group. This is done to help keep the group in a specific niche.

As an example, in a Facebook Group called “How To Train My Dog,” it may have questions about what type of dog you have if you have. If you answer, “I hate dogs,” you’re probably not getting into that group!

Why does all of this matter?

If you understand that Facebook Groups are incredibly niche subjects filled with thousands of people who are passionate about whatever the group is, you can begin to see that you may just have found your target market sitting there waiting for you. We highly discourage you from joining groups and instantly bombarding the group with advertisements about your business. That will almost certainly get you kicked out of the group! Instead, we advise that you naturally engaged, as yourself, with people in the group. Show off your expertise and display your passion, professionalism, and knowledge. THEN, you’ll have people asking you to help them with whatever it is you do!

Need another reason to use Groups?

Have you seen all of the advertisement on TV, YouTube, and plastered all over the internet about joining Facebook Groups? That’s one reason! Facebook wants its’ users to join groups because it creates community, engagement and keeps people on their site longer. Additionally, the algorithm for Facebook Groups is incredible. It’s like nothing internet users have seen before! If you’re in a group, you see a vast majority of every post on your timeline. That is because Facebook wants you to see the posts as often as you’re on because you’re highly likely to engage with those posts!

As Facebook Group engagement increases, you should expect to see organic Facebook Page engagement continue to wind down.


Will Facebook Ads Work In 2020?

Yes. Not only will they work, you’ll start noticing more Facebook Ads in 2020. This is due to Facebook wanting agencies to choose more placement options. As such, you’ll pretty much have to do so if you’re going to remain competitive on Facebook.

In addition to Facebook wanting media buyers to be in more locations, they seem to be pushing towards more consistency. It seems that automatic buying features are being favored in many case studies across the internet. It makes sense from a business standpoint, right? Make people set up recurring ads so you can better forecast your profits.

On another note, keep in mind how many people regularly use Facebook. Getting your ad in front of your target market has never been easier. That will continue in 2020. Although competitiveness has risen, Facebook ads are still relatively cheap compared to other PPC options!

Lastly, you’ll see a big emphasis on Private Messages with your advertisements. Facebook wants users to interact with ads as much as possible on-site instead of sending them to a different site. That means, more messenger ads and new tools/apps (like Facebook’s Thread app) will continue to drive this emphasis home.

All in all, we can see that Facebook still needs to be a high priority in your marketing strategy for 2020. There will be changes, but if you’re ready for them, they can definitely be changes for the better! If you’d like a deeper dive into Facebook Marketing strategies in 2020, contact us today for a free consultation!


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