8 Questions To Ask Your SEM Company To Start 2022

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November 18, 2020

Happy New Year!

If you are currently working with an internet marketing company and want to ensure they provide the best service for your business, ask them these important questions to help maximize your efforts and return on investment.


1) What exactly am I paying for?

Every marketing company has a different fee and pricing structure. You should know where your money is going and how much is being invested back into your campaign.

2) Who is working on my account?

Agencies come in various sizes. Sometimes multiple people are working on your account, and sometimes there is just one. Sometimes agencies are located down the street; other times, they are located across the globe. This can impact quality, communication, and, most importantly, results.

3) Is our monthly report accurate?

Many agencies like to overwhelm clients with lengthy reports full of useless or inaccurate information. Your report should be easy to understand. If you find it confusing, you should feel comfortable asking questions about your report and feel confident in the explanations you receive. If your reports are difficult to comprehend, you may want to ask yourself why.

4) Do we need to make any major website updates?

It is more important than ever that your website is lightning-fast and has a great user experience on both desktop and mobile. However, these updates can sometimes be more costly, so having an upfront discussion can help you plan your budget more wisely.

5) What trends should we be paying attention to?

Internet marketing trends happen fast! Is your company on TikTok? Are you using a chatbot? Have you reached out to any key influencers? How is your website’s Web Core Vitals? Are these relevant for your business? If you’re not staying on top of new tactics, you could get left behind!

6) What is our strategy for 2022?

Not only should you clearly define goals for what you’d like to achieve over the next year, but having a quarterly plan with specific tactics on how to achieve these goals should also be prepared. Your reports should also provide metrics to assess your progress throughout the year.

7) What are the terms of our contract?

More importantly, the question should be, what happens if we need to part ways? Many SEO agencies will hold a website and work done hostage. It is becoming increasingly popular to operate month-by-month, so do not feel pressured into signing a long-term commitment.

8) Do we have a holistic, quadruple-threat strategy?

SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, and Email/SMS Messaging are the most effective ways to market to an audience online. It is crucial to consider all options while developing your marketing strategy to maximize your budget.

If you are dissatisfied with any of the responses you received or think it might be time to try something new, contact local SEO specialist Joe Restivo for a free consultation!



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