Biggest Advantages of Focusing on Your Internet Marketing Strategy

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August 14, 2020
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September 1, 2020

Internet Marketing has become extremely popular in today’s digital era. Its popularity comes with little surprise considering almost everyone has access to the internet and many people are afraid to venture out of their homes due to the current pandemic (Covid-19).  Businesses all over the world are shifting gears from mass marketing and putting more focus on internet marketing strategies.  The benefits found from this switch are plentiful.  In this article I will be focusing on the 7 biggest advantages and benefits of focusing on your internet marketing strategy.

  • Cost effective
  • Time effective
  • Social media presence
  • Convenience
  • Instant feedback and data collection
  • Broad reach
  • Customer relationship building


  1. Cost effective

In most instances, the less you pay for a product or service the less you will receive in return.  Higher quality goods and services often come with a higher cost.  This is not at all the case with internet marketing.  Internet marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing tactics such as TV ads, newspaper ads and radio ads and has proven to be more beneficial.  A good example of this is an email versus actual, shipped mail.  An email is free of costs while a shipped advertisement includes shipping and material costs.  These costs may be small, but they add up quickly over time.

  1. Time effective

It is very easy and time efficient to set up a strong internet marketing campaign.  Internet marketing does not require much start up time at all.  Posting an ad, creating a website and sending out mass or customized emails are all easy ways to build your brand and get the word out about your product or service.  If technology is not your thing, companies like Stonefish Marketing are here to help you get your internet marketing campaign on track.  Lastly, once your ad or website is created, individuals from all over the world can visit your page and see your ad 24/7.  The internet never sleeps and works for you even when you have stopped working.

  1. Social media presence

Taking advantage of social media in today’s day and age through internet marketing is crucial.  I cannot think of anyone off the top of my head who does not use some type of social media platform 2-3 times a day.  Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter can be a great way to reach your target audience. Ads on these sites are priced fairly and will get your companies goods or services advertised on thousands of phone and computer screens all over the world, most likely resulting in more customers.

  1. Convenience

Like mentioned earlier, internet marketing enables 24/7 advertising.  From those advertisements and a user-friendly website, customers can buy a product or order a service conveniently anytime from their own home.  Online retail companies such as Amazon have capitalized on this and bring in billions in revenue through marketing online and staying true to their compelling internet marketing strategy.

  1. Instant feedback and data collection

Unlike traditional marketing, internet marketing allows you to track who has visited your website and ads, where these people are from and how people engage with your website and ads.  Knowing these things gives you a better knowledge of your target customers and their demographics and where the marketing campaign is doing well and where it needs some work.

  1. Broad Reach

Using the internet allows your business to advertise in places you may have never been to before, let alone even think about.  You no longer need to focus solely on marketing within your region/area.  Barstool is a prime example of a company who does a great job using the internet and its marketing capabilities to their advantage.   They target a younger audience through platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.  Your opportunities truly become endless with the internet.

  1. Customer relationship building

Building a lasting relationship with a customer should always be a top priority for any business.  Internet marketing makes this relationship much easier to maintain and aids in increasing customer retention levels.  Sending follow up emails after a customer purchases something is a quick and easy way to get the relationship started.  From there, an email once a month that includes deals and promotions is looked highly upon by past customers and makes the customer feel wanted.


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