How To Market Your Real Estate Company Online

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November 15, 2017
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December 8, 2017

Online marketing is by far, the new trend of marketing that all company’s are using. Having a strong online presence will help your company tremendously by making you more known. Stay ahead of your competition by having the best online marketing strategies to enhance your ratings. Here are the top 10 best ways to market your real estate company online:

1) Expand Your Email List

A great tool for your company’s success in marketing is email. For example, 70% of people claim they will always open emails from their favorite company’s. Email is the best form of contact with your clients because there are no restrictions or reductions from a crowded network. Instead, email is a direct form of contact with your clients so it is a lot more efficient and effective. Also, a large contact list will help really help spread your information out more and create more connections. Connections are really important for realtors because it is how they have people hear about them and get more business.

2) Website Lead Capture Forms

Lead generation is very important key to success for realtors. A top goal for company’s websites is get clients names, numbers, and emails and then turn them into potential leads. You can them contact the customer and it will help you build a relationship with them. Therefore, having website lead capture forms to get their emails will help you turn your site visitors into leads.

Here are some examples:

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3) Create a Referral Page

The best way to get more clients is having your past clients spread good things about your work to others. Therefore, you should have a page where your past clients can post referrals about your company. The Nielsen study reports that 92% of people trust earned media or public recommendations rather than other forms of marketing. Most clients are willing to give referrals, so give them a chance to by creating a page for it and have them help your business out.

4) Increase Your Reviews

Just like referrals, reviews from clients are also a terrific form of marketing for your company. Having your clients write reviews for your company will help you gain more clients because they are more trusting of what friends and family say about your company than other advertisements. Good reviews are especially important for small businesses.

The best way to get reviews from clients is by first owning a business page on Yelp, Facebook, or Google+. You can then have your pleased clients write a review on your page. If they follow through it is also important to make sure you send them an email thanking them. If you are having trouble getting reviews on your page, it is never a bad idea to politely ask your clients to write some.

5) Get More People to Open Your Emails

As previously stated, it is important to send out emails to clients and leads. However, it is just as important to make sure those emails are even being opened or else it is pointless. One of the best ways to market by email is having creative subject lines that draw clients in. It is important to also keep them short, approximately 50 characters. The best thing to put in a subject line is the customers first and last name, so it makes it more personal and appealing.

6) Hire Someone

Hiring someone to do all the marketing for your company is a great idea. It will allow you to focus on other things while they spend all their time managing the marketing for your company. Even better, they are experts so they know what they are doing and can help increase the rates better.

7) Instagram

Instagram in the new form of social media that everyone loves and uses. It is increasingly becoming the best marketing tool for companies. It would be the perfect place for real estate agents to market because they can post photos of all their homes. Plus, Instagram has a great feature of allowing you to tag the location of the homes so people can see the area and neighborhood.



8) LinkedIn Long-Form

Another great social media tool to use is LinkedIn. The long-form posting feature allows people to write and publish anything and it will be published to the news feed that will be seen by everyone. It is a great way to get your company’s name out there to new people. However, with Instagram and LinkedIn, it is important to have an active audience to help build up the reliability of your company.

9) Facebook Ads

A cheap and effective way to market your company is to create Facebook Ads. Having Facebook ads will generate more likes and followers for your page.



10) Re-targeting

Re-targeting is when a customer views your website and then gets display ads for your company when they are on other sites afterwards. It is an effective form or marketing that will keep the name of your business in people’s heads and encourage them to come back to the site.